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CPC’s Career Development Practitioner Certificate (CDP) Courses are ideal if you want to learn, develop, and grow.

  • The CDP courses will help you build your skills as a Career Professional – you’ll get better at what you do!
  • CDP-01 and CDP-02 will help you fulfil the mandatory minimum requirements for Ethics and Theory so that you can pursue your provincial Certified Career Development Practitioner (CCDP) certification.
  • Once you update your competencies, you can choose to Fast-Track your Career Professionals of Canada CRS, CIS, CES, and CCS Certifications
  • Need help choosing? Compare CPC courses and certifications.

Course List

You may take the following fully facilitated, online courses and programs separately at your convenience.

CDP-01 Career Development Ethics & Standards20 hours (2 weeks)
CDP-02Career Development Theory, Models & Practices40 hours (4 weeks)
CDP-03Employment Interview Coaching 50 hours (5 weeks)
CDP-04Career Transition Consulting50 hours (5 weeks)
CDP-05Advanced Resume Development50 hours (5 weeks)

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This site is for Career Professionals serving people in the Canadian labour market. A Career Professional is an umbrella term that we use to refer to any practitioner supporting people through career development, employment, outplacement, and/or vocational guidance. This includes but is not limited to: career-related coaches, counsellors, educators, consultants, assistants, coordinators, specialists, (resume) writers, administrators, managers, executives, and officers. Are you a job seeker?

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