CDP-01- Career Development Ethics & Standards

Career Development Ethics and Standards Course


Career Development Ethics & Standards

CDP-01 – CCDP Ethics Course* – Class size is limited.


This course gives you the tools to confidently identify the ethical implications of difficult situations that can arise in the field of Career Development. Learn how you can apply a decision-making model to ensure that you are working ethically. By successfully completing this course, you will be fully equipped to handle ethical situations with confidence and integrity.

This is an intensive 2-week distance learning program.

During this course, you’ll establish and build your practical and theoretical knowledge, personal self-awareness, and reflective foundation required for ethical service delivery. You will learn what is required of you in The Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners (S&Gs). Through case studies representing real-life work scenarios, you’ll explore the complexities of ethical career development practice.

This program is rich with interactive group discussions and individual assignments. You’ll examine real-life ethical dilemmas and apply them to the Ethical Decision-Making Model and the Code of Ethics set out in the S&Gs. You will be challenged to explore ethical considerations in a variety of environments and practice addressing ethical issues in the workplace such as confidentiality and conflict of interest.

If you are serious about ethics and standards within the scope of career development, you are working towards your Certified Career Development Practitioner / Professional (CCDP) designation, or you would like to be granted your Certified Career Strategist (CCS) Certification in the future, you will discover that this program is designed to help you achieve your goal!

Join this fully-facilitated, part-time online program.

  • You participate in the online class and complete daily assignments on your own schedule.
  • You have full access to all course material, videos, quizzes, forums, and assignments at any day and time during the course.
  • You work along with other students in the class and participate in group discussions.
  • Your class facilitator is available weekdays to review your progress and answer your questions.

Working towards your certifications?

The Career Development Ethics and Standards Course is designed to meet the core requirements for the following programs:

  • Certified Career Development Practitioner / Professional (CCDP) – Provincial Designation*
  • Certified Career Strategist (CCS) – National Designation

Are you ready to learn and apply Career Development Ethics and Standards?

This course will help you make good ethical decisions. You will:

  • Learn to discuss broad ethical considerations related to Career Development.
  • Identify appropriate ethical codes and principles to guide your work.
  • Learn to select and apply an Ethical Decision-Making Model.
  • Analyse specific cases to identify and articulate ethical dilemmas.
  • Identify proactive strategies to avoid ethical problems.
  • Apply the Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners.
  • Uncover and understand your professional competencies related to our field.
  • Demonstrate a personal commitment to lifelong learning and ongoing professional development.
  • Earn 20 hours towards any Continuing Education Units (CEUs) you require.
  • Complete the ethics requirement for your provincial Certified Career Development Practitioner / Professional (CCDP) Certification.*
  • Become eligible to Fast-Track the Certified Career Strategist (CCS) credential.

Gain knowledge and build your expertise by focusing on your needs.

To give you highly personalized attention and mentoring, class sizes are limited. One-on-one support, group discussions, exercises, and follow-up assignments will enable you to actively develop your skills. Your CCDP-Certified program leader will be available to answer your questions. You’ll also connect and learn from other program participants. Through these interactions, you will learn how and when to apply concepts.

Get valuable resource material that you will use again and again.

You will receive The Canadian Career Strategist, the Certified Career Strategist (CCS) Study eGuide, along with a comprehensive workbook and additional resources. The eGuide is a valuable resource. It thoroughly discusses current concepts and strategies to enable practitioners to provide ethical services. Many opportunities will be provided for you to become familiar with the material. This eGuide and associated resources will be an asset throughout your career.

Ready yourself for the next step in your professional development.

Career Development Ethics and Standards (CDP-01) is designed to meet the core requirements for the ethics portion for the Certified Career Development Practitioner / Professional (CCDP). Contact your provincial association to receive approval for credits through this course.

Career Development Ethics and Standards (CDP-01) along with Career Development Theory, Models and Practices (CDP-02) are preparatory and assessment program for those practitioners wishing to receive their Certified Career Strategist (CCS) designation. Upon passing CDP-01 and CDP-02, you will have completed the base requirements for the Certified Career Strategist (CCS) certification through Career Professionals of Canada. You will bypass the formal assessment of a case study. Note that you must have a minimum of 2 years related work experience and you must pay the application fee to be granted the designation through CPC’s CCS Fast-Track Program. Certification program information and costs are outlined on Career Professionals of Canada’s website.

Professional Members of Career Professionals of Canada and Supporting Organizations (ask for code)$295

Fees are paid at the time of registration for each course. Cost includes all required texts.
Some additional texts may be recommended, but are not mandatory.



Course Number: CDP-01

Program Status: Registration Open

Program Duration: 2 Weeks | 20 hours

Program Prerequisite: Prior practical or academic experience in the career development or related field is recommended.

Accreditation: Career Development Ethics and Standards Course Certificate (upon successful completion).


Distance Education | Fully Facilitated | Online Program

This custom-designed, fully facilitated online format is ideal for adult learners. When you register, you will receive login instructions by email so that you can get comfortable with the platform and program, and start your pre-course work right away.

The distance education format is a combination of videos, reading, quizzes, online discussions, reflection exercises, small projects, and final homework assignment. Your active participation in all these aspects enriches your learning experience.

Proactive class participation  is encouraged and required. Discussion forums enable you to participate when it is convenient for you, rather than at a specific time. A messaging system gives you real-time interaction between session leaders and other students who are online.

As this program is offered online, you must have reliable Internet access and be comfortable using Internet technology, downloading resources, and communicating in discussion forums.

You will be expected to spend a similar amount of time on this program as they would in a classroom-based environment of 20 hours over 2 weeks.


CCS300sStudents will be supplied with The Canadian Career Strategist, Career Professionals of Canada’s Certified Career Strategist eGuide.

Students will also receive a comprehensive workbook along with additional relevant readings which will be posted on the course site.

All required text and course resources are supplied.


Students must achieve an overall grade of at least 80% to successfully complete the course. If absent or offline for more than one week, students are required to contact the instructor.

  • Online assignments and group discussion participation (40%)
  • Homework assignment submission of a case study (60%)

Upon successful completion of CDP-01 and CDP-02 with a minimum of 80% in each course students are eligible to bypass the formal assessment of a case study and be considered for the Certified Career Strategist (CCS) designation by the Career Professionals of Canada. Note that you must have a minimum of 2 years related work experience and you must pay the application fee to be granted the designation through CPC’s CCS Fast-Track Program. Certification program costs are outlined on the Career Professionals of Canada website.

* The Certified Career Development Professional / Practitioner (CCDP) is under the jurisdiction of provincial/territorial Career Development associations.  Across Canada, the field is evolving and processes are becoming formalized. Not every province/territory offers CCDP certification. However, some are well established and others are well underway. Currently, CCDP applications are evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the province/territory. Please check with your association to confirm that this program qualifies for CCDP credits under their program.