Continuing Education Credits for CPC Courses

CECCareer Professionals of Canada’s programs, courses, and certifications are a great way to earn Continuing Education Credits to maintain your certifications.

Get the Credit You Deserve

Credits are recognized by Career Professionals of Canada (CPC) and accepted by other organizations as a demonstration of continued professional development. For example, you can use your Continuing Education Credits (CECs):

  • To maintain your Career Professionals of Canada’s M-Level (MCRS, MCIS, MCCS, MCES) certification.
  • Towards your Certified Career Development Practitioner (CCDP) designation.
  • To get Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) from a university or college.

Credits may be eligible for other certification / re-certification / higher education programs that require you to actively pursue ongoing professional development.

Who is eligible for continuing education credit?

If you are registered for a  CPC course or professional development program related to the work you are doing or pursuing, you may be eligible for CECs.

How are credits allocated?

Organizations such as provincial associations and educational institutions allocate a certain number of Continuing Education Credits (CEC) based on their own programming requirements:

  • Career Development Practitioner Certificate Program (CDP) program = 200 hours
  • Participating in a five-week CPC course or program = 50 hours
  • Taking a one-week CPC course (Ethics) = 10 hours
  • Taking a four-week CPC course (Theory) = 40 hours
  • Completing a CPC Certification program (CRS, CIS, CES, CCS) self-study = 40 hours
  • Listening to one CPC webinar = 1 hour

Organizations also provide presenters, facilitators and volunteers with additional CECs for developing, presenting, facilitating, volunteering, and/or overseeing a course or program.

Contact your organization to receive approval for credits through CPC’s courses, programs, and certifications.

Get the most from your continuing education experience!