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"The assignments, quiz and forum discussions all led to the learning objectives being met! What a way to learn ethics so quickly ... Wow!"

Trish McNamara, KEYS Job Centre

"I feel that I gained a lot through this course and that all of the information was very relevant to my current work. With regards to the Code of Ethics and Ethical Decision Making Model, I found that the case study analysis acted as a great tool to use in an actual application. The set up of the assignment was very beneficial because it forced me to put myself in the actual position, yet I was also able to see what my classmates were thinking as well. This allowed me to gain what seemed like real world experience. Overall, I really enjoyed this learning and experience. The knowledge I have taken away from this course has already begun re-shaping the way I approach my daily work situations."

Bethany Christen, Jasper Adult Learning Centre

"This was a great course that reflected my professional practice objectives and gave me an opportunity to learn and share with others also working in the field. I enjoyed the communication and reflection offered in discussing the case studies."

Nadine Doyle, KEYS Job Centre

"Going through this course has allowed me to obtain a deeper understanding and awareness of ethical dilemmas that exist for Career Development Practitioners. The case studies and discussion posts were particularly educational as I read and observed the views of others in the industry."

Kah Hock (Danny) Koh

"I loved the discussion forum, including the many intelligent remarks by colleagues, the homework and the whole process."

Esther Schvan, Esther Schvan Consulting

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course, and Jayne's facilitation. We had some great, lively, and informative discussions. Jayne really encouraged these discussions, and was supportive of all input from the students in the class. There is nothing I can think of that would have improved my experience in the course."

Cathy Milton, Résumé Works

"I found this to be a very good learning experience. I enjoyed the interaction in the class and with the on-line case study discussion."

Sean Mukherjee, Active Career Solutions

"Overall, the learning experience was a good one. The chance to openly discuss issues with colleagues during the course was very beneficial."

Tracy McDonald, CSE Consulting

"Before taking the course, I thought ethics were fairly cut and dried but now I have more appreciation of different ethical dilemmas that could arise in my work and I feel better prepared to handle them effectively."

Beth Lambert, KEYS Job Centre

"I really enjoyed participating in this class as it now allowed me to have knowledge of different theories and models that can be used and referenced in client interventions. Being new to this field and having limited experience, this laid out a foundation for me when it comes to the knowledge required for career counselling."

Zeb Trazo, Jasper Adult Learning Centre

"I have a new appreciation for the foundation theories and models and how they are applied in career development today. I was familiar with some but now feel much more confident in the big picture. I am very thankful for the knowledge and resource sharing of all of the course participants as well. The forums provided many opportunities to learn and grow professionally by learning from the techniques and experiences of other career practitioners."

Tracy McDonald, CSE Consulting

"Jayne did a great job moving us along through the topics. I thought the costs for this course was reasonable and needed no hotel stay. I have developed some additional contacts in my network. I appreciate all the little extra resources posted along the learning journey."

Gayle Draper, Intentional Careers and Human Resources

"The discussion boards were a great way to make connections and share information and resources from all over the country."

Nadine Doyle, KEYS Job Centre

"I definitely have some new tools for my toolbox and look forward to putting into practice some of these theories in various settings (groups, staff discussions and exploration). I gained a deeper understanding of how to use some of these theories in a more intentional and relevant manner. Our final assignment was a great way for us to integrate the learning with how we would use these theories in our practice. I enjoyed the course and did not feel it was extremely consuming, time wise, which I appreciated."

Ginette Marcoux, Jasper Adult Learning Centre

"This course has given me more confidence now when it comes to helping my clients. I would highly recommend this to others."

Sean Mukherjee, Active Career Solutions

"I loved that the course was entirely online and it was beautifully laid out and easy to follow. The course definitely met my learning objective. Now, I do have a good understanding of theories and models, their strengths and limitations and how they are applicable to my practice."

Zohra Bahri, KEYS Job Centre

"Excellent course, well organized from the reference book to the online structure. I very much enjoyed this learning experience. Gabrielle is a great online facilitator. She provided insightful feedback on comments and was always encouraging."

Erika Mendonca-DeSilva, Evolve Consulting

"Overall this course was amazing. Every chapter provided an incredible resource of information that I will actively use in my daily work life. Absolutely fantastic course. This course exceeded my expectations."

Bethany Christen, Jasper Adult Learning Centre

"I enjoyed the course. The learning objectives were met. The participation and knowledge from the other participants added amazing value to the course."

Sandra Santos, SSantos-VMV Consulting

"This course will really help me in practice. Working with clients in the build up to, through and after the interview - this course has allowed me to gain new insight into my practice and improve many aspects. These improvements will definitely be of benefit to clients, not only in reference, reputation management, interview skills and value proposition but also in building confidence and by improving kinesics, EQ and accomplishment stories. I feel the course was delivered well with lots of great information from participants. I deal with a relatively small number of clients over longer periods so was very appreciate of the variety of examples presented throughout the course."

Susan MacRae, Jasper Adult Learning Centre

"My learning objectives were fully met. Throughout this course, I was able to develop a comprehensive check-list of activities and proven strategies. I feel that I could now confidently add Interview Coaching to my résumé writing practice."

Cathy Milton, Résumé Works

"The course taught me the value of structuring my processes and materials so that nothing is left to chance. I have really enjoyed the sharing of ideas and resources through CPC. It has definitely improved my work with my clients. The facilitator was great and very involved with great tips and resources."

Sheena MacAskill

"This course gave solid guidance in all the areas related to helping individuals to prepare for looking for work. Overall it was a great overview of the area of Career Transition. It helped me refresh some of the key areas to address."

Dorothy Keenan, FutureWorks

"I really enjoyed reading the discussions from other professionals as well as from the instructor. I thought Wayne did an excellent job facilitating and he was responsive to so many discussions. All in all, it was a superb course and thank you for helping professional résumé writers become the best they can be. This course is the gold standard!"

Christine Demcie

“When I initially started the CDP program, I thought that I would simply complete the work. I was not expecting the sharing of resources and the forging of professional relationships that occurred.

The participants in my courses were willing to share resources and offer advice when unique client situations arose via our online discussion forums. The courses are designed in a way to allow the learner to delve into the topic deeper and to probe for new solutions, ideas and more.

My recommendation is to take the courses; not only are you learning, but you have the opportunity to exchange resources and to broaden your professional network. “

Amy Bjerknes, Police Test Tutor – First Graduate of CPC’s Career Development Practitioner (CDP) Program, successfully completing all five courses. 

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