The Benefits of Certification

The Benefits of Certification

Canadian Council for Career Development (CCCD)

The Career Development field has made significant strides towards professionalization.  Three key hallmarks of this progress are:

  • The development and adoption of the Canadian Standards & Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners (S&Gs);
  • The establishment of professional associations for Career Development Practitioners (CDPs); and
  • The launch of certification for CDPs.

This latter hallmark brings with it many benefits for individual CDPs, our field, employers and the public/funders:

Benefits for Individual CDPs

  • Certification confirms your mastery of critical professional competencies and recognizes your professional development and growth.
  • Certification demonstrates to your clients, competitors, suppliers, peers, employers and funders that you use industry-respected best practices.
  • Certification can improve your overall performance, remove uncertainty, and widen market opportunities.
  • The process of achieving and maintaining certification demonstrates that you are continually improving and refining your practice.
  • Certification could enhance your career/promotion opportunities and/or your income.
  • Certification can increase your recognition by peers, employers and recruiters/funders.  It can set you apart from the competition to gain a competitive edge professionally.
  • Certification establishes you as an expert and innovator in your field.

 Benefits for our Field

  • Certification raises the bar for our field, demonstrating to our employers/funders, policy makers and the public that our work is grounded in professional excellence.
  • Certification operationalizes the competency standards and ethical guidelines that were established through the S & Gs, defines our scope of practice, and supports quality service delivery.

Benefits for Employers of CDPs/Funders

  • Certification can differentiate between hiring candidates. Beyond considering an individual’s experience, you can assess their knowledge and interest in professional growth and development.
  • Certification helps you to identify those who have the desire to excel professionally.
  • Certification is a tool to help you in targeting your staff training and professional development.
  • Certification helps you to demonstrate to funders and other stakeholders that your business is run professionally.
  • The application and renewal process in certification will improve staff responsibility, commitment and motivation.
  • Top-performing companies understand that properly training employees leads to direct, measurable bottom-line benefits.

For the Public

  • Certification affords the public the opportunity to make an informed selection of services based on the knowledge and training demonstrated by Certified CDPs.
  • Certified CDPs set a standard for excellence in the field.